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ESG Helps Give Estee Lauder The Beauty Treatment

Over the years ESG has used its skill in glass processing to turn the designs of high profile architects and companies into the glass at the heart of many spectacular modern work spaces.
One such company was MCM Architecture who won the Best Workspace Interior Award at the World Interiors News Award 2016, for the design of the relocation space of The Estée Lauder Companies UK & Ireland to One Fitzroy.
ESG had the pleasure of producing the glass on the dramatic statement staircase, linking the ten floors together. Architectural fabricators Robert Stevens and Sons did an amazing job of installing the staircase and glass, turning MCM’s vision into reality The staircase creates a ‘dedicated entrance to the training suites from the building reception, offering a glamorous welcome to the many visiting Beauty Advisors attending training’, writes worldarchitecturenews.com.
MCM wanted to create a head office that ‘works like an office, but does not look, or feel like an office’ and with clever design features and by using glass products we feel that they went above and beyond the brief. The judges said the project had ‘lovely detailing, and generally a very strong design ethos throughout.’

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Kalwall® brings light and security to Gatwick Airport

Good lighting is always essential but sometimes a well-lit interior also needs to be discreet when viewed from outside. This is the case with the very long Pier 1 which runs alongside the baggage system and gates at Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal Building. The two stringent requirements of privacy and security have been neatly solved using Kalwall®.
Kalwall offers complete line-of-sight protection, maintaining privacy for building occupants while bathing the interior with diffused daylighting regardless of the weather. It can also be manufactured for blast resistant applications.
Aesthetically, Kalwall will eliminate shadows and glare and the stark contrasts of light and shade. The system also enhances simplicity by doing away with the need for blinds, curtains or solar control. Even on cloudy days, the interior is flooded with natural daylight, which means less artificial lighting and, because Kalwall is highly insulating, energy costs are reduced. The standard Kalwall 70mm thick panel offers insulation up to 0.28W/m2K - equivalent to a cavity filled solid wall.

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Rundum Meir, High-Tech & Classic Handmade Garage Doors

Rundum Meir specialise in high quality, standard and custom made, exterior door systems that are made in a range of beautiful materials including timber, copper, aluminium and glass.
They offer a complete exterior door systems service – from survey and design to manufacture, installation and maintenance.
Rundum Meir work closely with architects and clients and pride themselves in their personal service and ability to provide design solutions to clients wishes.
Their exterior door systems have been used on listed buildings, award-winning new build, conceptual architecture, refurbishment projects and a high profile passive house.
Door applications have included open courtyards, boathouses, curved buildings, outhouses, coach houses, over sized and undersized garages, underground multi-user, ventilated and security garage doors.
Using Rundum Meir garage doors gives the specifier flexible layout options with almost any size door available. They use quality components and hardware from running gear to remote controls. Manual or unique remote control operation is available. Door gear, door curtain and automation are provided as one package.



Flood Defence Systems Continue To Gain Ground

During 2016, IBS continued to deliver successful installations of high profile glass flood defence systems around the UK, taking their total of successfully delivered projects past the 1.5Km milestone since the first system was installed in Keswick in 2011.
Included in 2016’s successes was the UK’s largest glass flood defence system at 520m long, installed to protect the village of Paull (near Hull) from future tidal surges and as a part of the wider Hull and Holderness Flood Alleviation Scheme, a project that is providing defences along the Humber estuary together with inland engineering works.
These recent projects have allowed IBS to continue their unrivalled success in the delivery of these specialist glass flood defence systems. Having re-located to larger premises in South Yorkshire at the end of 2015, IBS continue to expand and support more clients in the UK, most recently by the addition of a new team member to help manage the ever increasing level of enquiries.

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Why Hydrogen Rich Water In Your Home?

Over the last few hundred years, hydrogen gas has demonstrated a therapeutic effect on over 150 human diseases, as well as enhanced health and wellbeing. As revolutionary as this may be, what exactly is hydrogen? Furthermore, why should hydrogen be included in your water?
Hydrogen is colourless, odorless, tasteless and non-metallic. It is the lightest and simplest element in our known universe, expressed as the symbol ‘H’.
It is comprised of just a single electron and proton. Under regular conditions it exists primarily as molecular hydrogen (H2 gas). In this form, hydrogen has been shown to exert an extensive range of therapeutic effects.
When H2 gas is present in water it is referred to as Hydrogen-enriched water and is simply conventional water (H2O) that contains dissolved hydrogen gas (H2). For example, there are carbonated soft drinks such as sodas and sparkling waters that contain dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2). In contrast water that contains dissolved hydrogen gas, is the best bet for a longer, healthier life.
Footnote: * Aquatiere does not recommend those types of beverages for improving health.

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Energy saving options for commercial buildings

A new brochure from Mitsubishi Electric highlights all of the central plant solutions that the company can offer to help reduce energy consumption in our built environment.
Commercial buildings in the UK remain massive consumers of energy and, at the same time, the nation has to address the need to reduce emissions if we are ever to meet ambitious carbon reduction targets.
The brochure looks at both the e-series modular chiller range and the comprehensive NX chiller line up.  It details the renewable heating options available with the Ecodan range of air, ground and water source heat pumps and explains how the company’s advanced range of Lossnay (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) Systems and Air Handling Units (AHU) can reduce energy consumption for almost any building.
The brochure also looks at large VRF air conditioning systems including the company’s award-winning Hybrid VRF which uses water to heat and cool in occupied spaces, removing the need for leak detection.




According to the no.1 radiator manufacturer Stelrad, the simple answer is not really. The vast majority of radiators manufactured for the UK marketplace are made from mild steel – well in excess of 95% of them in fact - and as is the case with much of current manufacturing industry, the cost of starting a brand new manufacturing plant to produce a sufficient quantity of radiators using alternative metals to have any impact on what is a very established sector, would be hugely expensive to the point of not being a viable option.
The heating industry in the UK has happily accepted that mild steel radiators, make a huge amount of sense as they are easily and widely available, and they offer a history of excellent performance.  Modern manufacturing methods ensure huge reliability and repeatability and the ability to develop a wide range of aesthetically pleasing designer and decorative radiator designs to complement the traditional steel panel radiators which in themselves have developed better looks with rounded edges, integrated panels and grills.




It was local council concerns of the perceived risks from SARS and other airborne viruses that resulted in an innovative, new drainage solution at the iconic O2 arena.
Studor, with their deep knowledge of drainage ventilation systems, worked together with ME Engineers and a team at Heriot-Watt University. The Studor System solution incorporated Studor Air Admittance Valves (AAVs) coupled with P.A.P.A. (Positive Air Pressure Attenuator) units. The P.A.P.A. acts like a shock absorber, dissipating pressure waves and stopping them bouncing around the plumbing system, thereby eliminating the need for roof penetrations at the O2.
The university team which worked alongside Studor, determined that any gas build-up would follow the water flow. By placing all urinals on a twelve-hour flush cycle they greatly alleviated the potential of any gas build-up problem.
While inside the O2 the full drainage and ventilation system is sealed, the outside pump stations are on pillars with open vents that are spaced 300 metres apart to dispense any odours are generated within the complex.




The new Tapworks EasyFit all-in-one kit has been launched in the UK offering a clip on integrated bypass and push fit hoses to the already simple to install Tapworks water softener range that has been improving owners quality of life for many years. This new kit is unique and available only to Tapworks installers and their customers and highlights again why Tapworks water softeners are the number one choice for installers in the UK.
It’s good news for homeowners living in hard water areas.  But even better news for installers looking to build on the income stream offered by water softener installation across the 60% of the UK that has hard water problems.
The new bypass connector fits straight on to copper pipe and fits all ¾” valves on the Ultra 9 Easyflow, AD11 Easyflow and Infinity Easyflow softeners in the range – ideal for any home and able to fit in many standard kitchen cupboards. For larger homes with 28mm plumbing, the Tapworks NSC4OUD1 offers a solution where this high flow softener is normally sited in a utility or boiler room. Its 1” valve and high capacity means it can handle the most demanding homes.

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The congregation members of a Church near Plymouth in Devon are witnessing the construction of a stylish new hall, complete with a TorFloor underfloor heating system linked to an advanced eco-friendly heat pump, supplied by Exeter based Omnie.
The project to build the oak-framed meeting and function hall alongside the stone and slate All Saints Church in Sparkwell is being led by the locally based design practice of Le Page Architects, with AD William Building Contractors carrying out the main construction work. Rod Smith Plumbing & Heating, meanwhile, is the specialist sub-contractor undertaking the installation of a LWD70A/SX Air Source Heat Pump as well as the high efficiency TorFloor pipe and carrier panels.
Celotex PIR boards provide a layer of insulation beneath the TorFloor system, ensuring the maximum amount of heat rises to create an even temperature profile throughout the occupied space.
Specifying the award winning TorFloor underfloor heating system instead of conventional radiators can not only offer greater efficiency in terms of heat delivery, reducing energy bills by as much as 30%, but also improves the SAP rating required for Building Regulation compliance.

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Council Planners opt for Flip Lid Power Units to power their market days in Stamford

Pop Up Power Supplies® supplied their range of Flip Lid Power Units to the town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, to provide a safe, secure and discreet outdoor power supply for market stalls.
Pop Up Power Supplies® recommended their range of In-Ground Power Units. Manufactured in high-grade mild steel, and hot dip galvanised to BS EN:ISO1461, these outdoor power units were perfect for the market days at Stamford.
The new Flip Lid Units can power the outdoor stalls safely as the lids are closed and locked down, preventing any public access.
Another benefit of the Flip Lid Power Units provided by Pop Up Power Supplies® is the fact they have such a limited impact on the surroundings. The covers of the power units are recessed so they can accommodate various paving and other surface material infill. They are also tested unfilled to FACTA Class B loadings.

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Subfloor movement is a significant consideration in any tiled floor installation. In almost all build projects the surface layer of tiled flooring will expand and contract at different rates to that of the subfloor beneath it.

Because of this it is essential for flooring installations to have some sort of movement protection which comes in the form of movement joints.
Incorporating movement joints into tiled flooring installations means any heavy stresses and vertical movement will be effectively absorbed, protecting the surface tiles. However, a common problem that arises is where the expansion joints need to cross over each other. These junctions are technically demanding to install and produce, time consuming and expensive for installers.
As a result, Dural has recently introduced a new and faster way of creating these junctions, compared to traditional methods, in the form of their new Cross Joints. These pre-formed junctions provide an effective connection between crossing expansion joints.
Benefits of Dural’s Cross Joints for tiled flooring installations
Dural’s Cross Joints will ensure tiled flooring installations conform to BS5385, and are a new and unique solution for creating a four-way junction. The joints allow movement accommodation in all directions simultaneously and absorbs the stresses created by vertical movement from expansion and contraction across the four surface areas at the junction. This means the stresses are not transferred into the surface tiled flooring, preventing cracks, loose tiles and ‘tenting’ or ‘popping’ of the tiles.

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Start with the needs of most…

An architect is urging her colleagues to start with what suits most and work backwards, when it comes to accessible toilet specification.
Inclusive specialist architect, blogger and mother of a child with special needs, Vaila Morrison maintains that current Building Regulations fail to address what meets the needs of everyone. A more ‘universal’ approach to a Document M-compliant wheelchair-accessible WC would enable tens of thousands more people to access a venue.
Under latest Building Regulations and good practice guidelines, a Changing Places toilet is ‘desirable’ in buildings to which numbers of the public have access. Since their introduction a decade ago, over 900 have been opened across the UK. Space To Change toilets plug the gap between conventional (Building Regulations Approved Document M 2013) wheelchair-accessible toilets, and the ‘desirable’, additional, larger and better equipped Changing Places toilets, being an enlarged wheelchair-accessible toilet that further includes an adult-sized changing bench and a hoist.
Clos-o-Mat was the original sponsor of the Changing Places campaign, and has helped campaigners develop the Space to Change concept.

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An elegant glass fireplace to rival the starry sky

The stylish Tower indoor glass fireplace in the ebios-fire designer range by SPARTHERM, one of Germany and Europe’s leading manufacturers of modern fireplaces, provides an all-round view of the leaping flames. At the same time, the unit produces fantastic light effects that are reflected all around, magically creating a starry sky in the living room.
This elegant glass and stainless steel pillar of fire is operated with bioethanol. Unlike a conventional fireplace which is permanently installed, a bioethanol fireplace is mobile. Standing approximately 150 cm tall and about 45 cm in diameter, the unit is available in Black, Terra and White.
It also scores top for safety, because all SPARTHERM units are equipped with a patented bioethanol burner and a non-combustible ceramic mat. The combustion technology produces warm, yellow flames and there is an integral burn-back preventer. Furthermore, the two tanks are housed inside the body, well below the stainless steel burner. A small electric pump delivers the bioethanol to the burner and the flame height can be controlled from the convenience of the sofa via a remote control.

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Unique Calacatta – combining beauty and elegance with innovation

Unique Calacatta from COMPAC has a stunning grey veining design running through pure white quartz that looks and feels like real marble.
Inspired by the beauty and elegance of this natural stone, COMPAC has been able to create an innovative worksurface that makes it possible to decorate homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, bars and public spaces with elegant overall compositions that transmit serenity and harmony.
The striking contrast of pure white with the powerful grey veins will give any space clad with Unique Calacatta a truly magnetic personality.
Architects and designers can specify Unique Calacatta for a wide range of projects with the confidence that every reference for this new worksurface is unique, because just like in nature, each slab presents different nuances and patterns in design.
The natural hardness of quartz comes hand in hand with a waterproof, hygienic finish offering even greater resistance to heat and scratches.
This means that Unique Calacatta is especially appropriate for intensive use areas such as kitchen and bathroom worksurfaces, floor tiling or wall cladding.



Interior Film from David Clouting proves a success in demanding NHS environment.

The Weybourne Day Unit, part of the NHS Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals Trust, provides a nurse-led oncology and haematology service. 
Specially trained chemotherapy nurses and specialists administer outpatient chemotherapy regimens, supported by consultants and specially trained doctors.
The unit was an expansion of existing services provided by the hospital to create a new 22 bed facility. 
The inspiration for the artwork on the interior walls of the Unit was the flora and fauna of the surrounding the area of Weybourne, with research carried out so the right plants and leaf patterns could be used by the artist Vicki Johnson, Creative Director and Co-founder of Print to the People – a Norwich based organisation. 
Her art has a varied imagery, combining both digital and traditional printmaking techniques. 
Available in a range of over 400 designs and finishes, Interior Film is available to view on the BIMSTORE website and is also CE and IMO Certified so can be specified with confidence across a wide range of applications.



A Burning Passion For Fire

The German premium manufacturer of firing technology Spartherm proudly presents an exclusive range of bioethanol fireplaces branded ebios-fire® which are now also made available for the discerning customer in Great Britain. Made And Tested In Germany - In order to provide an optimum of customer service, the expansive range of ebios-fire® models comprises both standard and made to measure built-in fireplace models in almost any thinkable layout.
Great versatility, product safety and outstanding German quality are key values at Spartherm's production facilities where all ebios-fire® models are originally designed, crafted and tested by passionate, skilled craftsmen. Test certificates issued by TÜV Germany further underline the outstanding safety of ebios-fire® bioethanol fires, which feature a wide choice of manual and automatic bioethanol burners.
Versatility Is Key - The ebios-fire® range of products is available in a vast variety of finishes meeting the requirements of architects and interior designers on an international level.

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Kemmlit lockers specified for Brighton’s £3.5 million premier office refurbishment project

Mocatta House is part of the Trafalgar Place flagship development in Brighton.
Named after David Mocatta the architect who designed the original building in the 1890’s and also Brighton’s Railway Station, Mocatta House has recently been refurbished at a cost of £3.7 million.
The building has been extended vertically by developers Faithdean to provide high end office accommodation including a new sixth floor and roof terrace.
Kemmlit R2Z lockers with electronic locks were specified by architects Morrow & Lorrainne for one of the main office suites.
The Type R2Z Locker System, which has a 20-year guarantee, utilises high quality 100% corrosion resistant aluminium for the locker carcass with a choice of two high quality door options – solid grade laminate finished in a special overlay to protect against scratching or a double shelled aluminium door with a ‘Crystal Coat’ stove enamelled finish.
For this project, 13mm solid grade laminate (HPL) doors with rounded edges were specified.
The Type R2Z locker from Kemmlit UK is part of a comprehensive range of high performance cubicle and locker systems offered by the company, designed and engineered for a wide range of applications and environments.
Kemmlit also provide a design and installation service.



ArcHaus Receives a Facelift from Remmers

The exterior of this iconic building was suffering with high levels of damage, including salt ingress and excessive cracking to the render and brickwork.
Salt Inhibitor was used as a ‘masonry salt blocker’ and applied to the exposed brickwork. Large areas of the render were repaired with Restoration Render and the deep section repairs were completed with Remmers Betofix R2, a fast curing, high strength concrete repair mortar.
OS Concre Fill and Impregnation Primer were also applied prior to the application of the final protective coating system.
To mitigate reflective cracking in the future, Remmers Elastoflex system with reinforcement was applied throughout, giving a high degree of finish to the exterior of this 1930’s landmark building.

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Join Scotscape for a Living Wall Training day especially tailored for Interior Designers.

Interior Designers are invited to join the Scotscape team for an interesting and informative Living Wall training session on the 30th June.  The morning will comprise of refreshments, a CPD presentation and Q&A, hands-on experience with our living wall system, whilst surrounded by a wide variety of living wall applications on display at our plant filled HQ.
The Living Wall trend is set to stay with more and more clients understanding the benefits that living walls can bring to both domestic and commercial interiors and urban gardens.
Our free training session will arm interior designers with the knowledge needed to confidently specify interior or exterior living walls for their clients.




London’s so-called Loom building is full of stories that unravel and offer glimpses into its rich history. It is not often that architects, in this case Duggan Morris, have the opportunity to design a perfect link between both modern and ancient.
Another of the architects’ solutions was to use Troldtekt 2000 x 600mm natural wood wool acoustic ceiling panels. These provide an attractive link between the different spaces in this 1000sqft building, together with reusing many original old materials to restore attractive life into this previously neglected space.
The significance of The Loom has resulted in it being Grade II listed. It has also been recognised for an Award in the London Region refurbishment/recycled workplace category adapting the old to modern use with the limitation that no more than half the internal space is new build.
Troldtekt natural wood wool ceiling panels are used to tie spaces together with a visually attractive textured surface which has superior acoustic performance and can incorporate different forms of lighting and speakers.
The panels are available in various sizes and in three grades from extreme fine to coarse. Although most are used in their natural untreated state, they can also be painted in virtually any RAL colour.

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Architectural aluminium glazing systems by leading UK manufacturer Kawneer were specified for a landmark office building in the Edinburgh New Town Conservation Area for their ability to meet a diverse range of requirements.

CDA (Comprehensive Design Architects) in conjunction with Hoskins Architects specified three types of Kawneer's curtain walling and two types of doors for the £42 million redevelopment of 3 to 8 St Andrew Square on a prominent corner of the sensitive World Heritage Site.
The Kawneer AA®110 capped and SSG (Structurally Silicone Glazed) curtain walling with a 65mm sightline and a bespoke 80mm wide system, complemented by series 190 heavy-duty and 350 severe-duty commercial entrance doors, have been used on the offices on the second to sixth floors of number 6 and on some elements of the eight retail/restaurant units on the ground, first and basement floors of numbers 3 to 8.
The development comprises 112,000ft² of Category A office space, now let in its entirety to Standard Life Investments, arranged around a full-height atrium, with roof terraces at the fourth and sixth floors, ground floor reception and double-height entrance on St Andrew Square, parking/bike storage at basement level and welfare facilities at lower ground floor.



Sensitive Solution For Historic Castle

Visitors to Durlston Castle will never feel a chill as they take in the spectacular views of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Electrical underfloor heating from Speedheat was chosen to overcome a potential floor height problem in the Belvedere viewing room and two cloakrooms during the £5.5 million restoration of the historic Grade 2 listed building.
The restoration of the Victorian castle, now the Gateway Centre for the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, involved a mix of traditional and modern construction methods. Explained Rob Hooker, managing director of main contractor Greendale Construction: “There were many conservation issues that had to be considered. Among them were restrictions on the floor height in the Belvedere and cloakrooms, where underfloor heating was to be installed. “Because the Speedheat system is only 2mm deep, overlaid with a thin latex screed and the final floor covering, there was no noticeable increase in floor height.”
Durlston Castle near Swanage is owned by Dorset County Council and is part of the Durlston Country Park and national nature reserve. Among the first visitors to appreciate the comfort of warmth from the floor up while admiring the 360-degree panoramic view from the Belvedere was Princess Anne when she officially opened the castle.

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A property developer constructing an enclave of detached properties in an east Hertfordshire village is making extensive use of products from the portfolio of YBS Insulation.
After originally considering rigid foam insulation and a conventional vapour check for the walls, the builder is employing YBS Insulation’s SuperQuilt within the timber frame construction. This is combined with the manufacturer’s Breather Foil FR externally, both products being supplied through Minster Insulation.
Recognised by the NHBC and compliant with the current version of Approved Document L to the Building Regulations, SuperQuilt comprises 19 layers including reflective foil, expanded polyethylene and polyester wadding to provide a cost effective and user-friendly alternative to much thicker insulation materials. Installed with a 25mm cavity it controls not just radiated energy but thermal conduction and convection. It creates an effective vapour control layer and will also combat thermal overheating in the summer months. The YBS SuperQuilt is fixed across the inner face to the timber frame before the internal plasterboard dry-lining is battened off then externally, YBS Breather Foil FR is overlapped down the cavity face of the plywood or OSB sheathing boards. This fully certified, fire rated product is not only waterproof and fully breathable, but can also increase the thermal performance of wall constructions.

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Roofing contractor keeping quiet about the advantages of magply

A Colchester based roofing contractor has been using Magply Recovery boards as part of a high specification build up, which provided its operatives with a relatively quiet as well as safe means of carrying out re-roofing works to school classrooms during lesson times.
While much maintenance work around school and college campuses has to be scheduled for the long summer holidays, the pressure this puts on the re-roofing works means some operations have to carry on during term time, as long as noise and disruption are kept to an absolute minimum. As a result, instead of scabbling smooth the old covering of asphalt and chippings on the Bishops Stortford buildings, RT Roofing proposed to simply sweep away any loose material and then begin the over-roofing with a layer of 6mm thick Magply, bonded down in hot bitumen. This then offered a sound flat surface on which to install a Langley built-up felt system.
As its contract at the Herts and Essex High School has progressed, RT Roofing Services has laid some 600m² plus of 6mm thick, 1200mm x 1200mm Magply boards.
As a high performance, multi-functional overlay board, Magply is manufactured from an MgO formulation. The board has been tested in the UK and carries a Euroclass A1 Non-Combustible Fire Rating. Magply boards are robust, easy to use on site and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to other conventional overlay products. Crucially, Magply carries internationally recognised accreditations confirming the boards’ ability to deliver fire resistance and insulation under test conditions.

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Abet shelters the rescuers

Abet Laminati’s MEG exterior grade laminate has been used to clad the exterior of the new offices and crew rooms of the RNLI Station in Brighton Marina.
Designed and supplied by Aliva UK, MEG 414 was chosen to match the ceramic facades of the surrounding buildings and was face fixed with colour coded rivets. The cladding envelopes the Station, keeping staff and crew warm and dry in the harshest of weathers.
Carrying a BBA Agrément Certificate, MEG is a self-supporting high pressure laminate (HPL) for cladding the exterior of buildings, balconies and other applications. It features high resistance to temperature, climate shock, weathering, UV light and impact. Furthermore, its chemical resistant nature and closed structure do not allow paint in spray cans, various inks, emulsion paints, lipstick or pastel paints to penetrate into the decorative layer negating the need for any anti-graffiti treatment.
The range is available in over 91 colours in a mix of traditional plain colours, wood finishes, simulated concrete colours and metal. MEG is also able to incorporate Abet’s digital printing technology.

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One of the country’s oldest established brickworks, located in an idyllic Cotswold village, has updated its production facilities saving not only time and money but significant amounts of energy – thanks to the use of Marmox Multiboards for the refurbishment of its drying chambers.
Ten separate drying kilns have now been upgraded at Northcot Brick’s premises in Blockley, Gloucestershire, with two different thicknesses of the high performance, moisture resisting insulation boards having been employed to infill their walls and roofs.
Marmox Multiboards are manufactured from extruded polystyrene or XPS and offer a range of positive physical characteristics in addition to being fully waterproof. They are both light to handle and easy to cut, while still being able to sustain substantial loadings if required.
Thanks to their stability and resistance to the aggressive chemical atmosphere created by the gases emitted from the drying bricks, the Multiboards are proving to offer a greatly extended working life compared to the old rock mineral wool based panels. Even more importantly, they are making it far easier to control humidity levels during the drying process and to maintain the required temperature. The overall temperature has been reduced by five degrees to 75°C and the total drying period by a whole day while they can be switched off at weekends without affecting the cycle, leading to an overall 25% reduction in energy costs.

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